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Car exchange

Higher car trade-in price to purchase a desired car

It’s only logical that you would want to get the most value from your current vehicle when trading it in, but not everyone is going to offer you the best deal. We partner with you to help you sell your car at the highest price and locate the best car in the time and budget you need.

No hassle. No fees. 

Why trade in your car with automoor

We do all the work – just sit back and relax

We have necessary experience to make the entire car exchange process easier for you. Get the best trade-in offer and save time and money – we’ll do all the work.

We guarantee the best price for car exchange

We take your vehicle as it is and prepare it for resale.

We offer customer financing for buyers

Unlike with private sales, as professional dealers we can offer bespoke customer financing and warranty to the new buyer of your vehicle.

Car sale automoor testimonilas

Schenker Christian

I can only recommend Auto-Moor AG. Very well maintained and exceptionally well equipped vehicles in every price range. The competent advice leaves nothing to be desired and they make every effort to satisfy your wishes. The time of the car delivery is one more highlight for every car fan. I will definitely visit automoor again whenever I want to change my car.

Ivan “El-Dominicano-Blanco” Küttel

We made an appointment for a viewing and chose a vehicle directly at the showroom. The entire process was very simple, uncomplicated and transparent. Mr. Moor responds to all customer requests, is not pleasant and trustworthy. Great service, definitely worth a visit again. Thank you very much!

Kevin Mitchell

We were served very politely and professionally. All my wishes were fulfilled to my fullest satisfaction. I thank you for the special experience when I picked up the car. I felt like a king 😉 Thank you Automoor!


I would recommend it to anyone! Within a week I was able to view, buy and pick up the car. Great experience! Thanks for the great car and the fair conditions 🙂

leonie haas

I am 100% satisfied with my new car and I would highly recommend this car dealer.

Cyrill Hunziker

The brokerage of my BMW went great. Thank you and I wish you every success!

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